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Why choose CEL Components

We love what we do and we care about our people

In a few lines, it is difficult to convey the set of elements that make our organisation a great place to start a career. It doesn't matter if you are starting from scratch, or if you have already chewed a "sandwich" or few. Here you will find a close-knit team, open to change, that makes sharing ideas and knowledge the means to achieve any goal.

We have stood out for more than 30 years for our ability to realise the missing piece in many customers' projects. We do this by solving problems and removing obstacles in construction, design or performance. We target the domestic market, but there is a strong balance between demand from abroad and domestic demand. Our sandwich panels ply the skies and oceans or take short walks, to get to their destination. 

If you work at CEL Components, the product of hands and minds is your excuse to keep in touch with people and contexts. To get a preview of trends in multiple sectors to which we are called upon to provide concrete answers.

4 cornerstones for a career in the world of our composite panels

Like everyone else, we take pride in our cornerstones

Our head thinks like an industry. The industrious, hard-working, efficient, proactive, dynamic and tireless one. The one that aims at the repeatability of a satisfactory result.

Evolution occurs when we innovate, when we respond to the need that arises. In this process, curiosity is a great motor that helps intuition. It is difficult for us to say which comes first between the two, but here we have both. Keeping them trained is a daily sport.

Infinite combinations of skins and cores is an asset. Contamination between different fields of application also. At CEL Components, the term Know-how takes on a vertical and transverse meaning at the same time.

We play a frontline game by committing to making the fruit of our ingenuity more sustainable for the environment and the community.

People perfectly perceive the value they are given

At CEL Components we strive to ensure that this value is always a little bit more. We invest in training, have created a company welfare programme, institutionalised flexitime and once a year there is team building, during which we get together for a weekend of sharing and fellowship.

We believe that the creation of value and sustainable growth are indispensable pillars for the achievement of company goals, as is the professional satisfaction of the individual. We believe in the balance between personal and work spheres and strive every day to ensure that this harmony is respected.

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